1 Electrician Schools in Columbia, Missouri

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Columbia is among the top choices for young professionals to live and work.

That’s because the city has a healthy economy, enabling it to offer the best job opportunities to its residents.

So if you want to work here as an electrician, the city assures you the quality of education and career training you’ll receive from its schools.

Below, we featured one of the top schools offering a state-approved electrician program that you can check out.

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Electricians annual average salary in Missouri is $60,210 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

State Technical College of Missouri

STC of Missouri is the college of choice to recruit employees of most employers in the country.

That’s because they have a working curriculum that produces the best ready-for-work graduates that employers prefer.

Their electrical technology program has an up-to-date curriculum that trains you in even the most complex electrical systems.

In this way, they can help prepare you for the many in-demand career possibilities in residential, commercial, and industrial fields.

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AddressAddress: One Technology Drive Linn, MO 65051

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