Master Electrician Exam

Preparing for the Master Electrician Exam in Your Jurisdiction

In becoming a licensed master electrician, you need to meet the following: Successfully pass the master electrician exam Meet the…

female electrician

Is It Difficult to Be a Female Electrician?

If you are a female interested in becoming an electrician, you probably have some questions to clarify. This trade is…

Master Electrician License Requirements

Master Electrician License Requirements

A master electrician is the highest and most prominent rank one can achieve as an electrician. With this title, you…

Electrician vs. Plumber

Electrician vs. Plumber – Which Trade Should You Choose?

Choosing a career can be a daunting task for many who are just starting their professional careers. In the skills…

Codes for the Electrical Trade

National and International Codes for the Electrical Trade

Electrical codes are a rigorous set of rules that all electricians must follow on the job. It includes the following:…

work as an electrician

Tips to Finding Work as an Electrician

It can be hard to get into the electrical industry. With the regulations and standards in place, electrical companies won’t…

Union Contractors and Non-union Shops

Deciding between Union Contractors and Non-union Shops for Your Apprenticeship and Employment

At some point in their career, all electricians face an important question: Should I go with a union or a…

personal protective equipment

Essential Personal Protective Equipment for Electricians

Like in any other trade, workers in the electrical industry face hazards on the job. That’s why they have to…


What Is an Electrician?

Electricians install and repair the wiring in buildings. It includes electrical systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security, and computer networking….

Life Standards Of Electricians

Quality of Life Standards of Electricians – Is It Worth Joining the Industry?

Electricians make sure that electrical systems are managed safely while meeting the highest quality standards. They also need to have…