Tips to Finding Work as an Electrician

It can be hard to get into the electrical industry.

With the regulations and standards in place, electrical companies won’t hire a person easily.

They will examine their applicants thoroughly to ensure they are a good fit on every level.

To find an electrician position easier, check out the following tips.

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Show Them You Mean Business

Demonstrate that you are serious about this career through professionalism.

Keep in mind that employers hiring apprentices have to employ them through state-approved apprenticeship programs.

This usually means larger expenses for employers, both in money and effort.

So they wish to ensure they invest in reliable people who won’t let them down.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for the upcoming work and assigned responsibilities is the best way to show you are serious as an electrician.

You can show this by keeping the necessary tools on hand and knowing the current National Electrical Code (NEC).

Show Your Enthusiasm

Emphasize that you would be honored to start a career in the company you apply for.

Potential employers will find it pleasing to know that you’ll exert 110% effort to prove that you can be an asset to them.

However, make sure to stay down to earth and honest, and avoid being too confident or arrogant.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, employers can hesitate to hire you, especially if you’re an apprentice, full-time because of the costs and risks it brings.

So in these situations, demonstrate flexibility and offer to work part-time, or even on a trial period.

Then, when you get to work for them, you can prove your worth to them and eventually get hired full-time.

Get a Similar Job in the Construction Industry

If you’re an apprentice, you can try to get a job in a less competitive industry, such as construction.

For one, these jobs are easier to get since employers don’t have to organize apprenticeship programs.

Here, you can gain valuable experience which can help you…

  • Gain the necessary experience to become a journeyman
  • Make connections and build relationships in the industry
  • Improve your employment chances (toward career advancements)

Persistence Pays Off

Never give up searching for a job.

Let the people you socialize with know that you are looking for a job as an electrician.

They will then let you know if they hear about any openings.

Also, try cold-calling electrical companies in your area.

It can be intimidating at the start, but you may get a chance through the right person at the right place and time.

Finding a job as an electrician can be tricky, but once you get it, you’ll find that the effort is completely worth it!

Search Electrician Programs

Get information on Electrician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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