Privacy Policy understands how vital privacy is and the protection of it. We have compiled our own Privacy Policy as a means to outline the understanding we have of privacy, and the procedures and steps we have in place to protect it.

Our privacy policy will help readers and users of our site understand what kind of data we obtain, why we obtain it, and how the data is processed and used thereafter.

The Information Our Website Receives and How It Is Used

As a means of understanding the efficiency of our website, we gather statistical data that pertains to demographics, it is always generic and is never specific to individual users, so an individual’s identity could never be ascertained through the data we collect. uses a web server that has the ability to identify and recognize a visitors IP address; it can also detect the website from which users enter our page, the amount of time they spend perusing the site, and what date and time they visited – but, as previously noted, this data does not include any individually-identifiable factors, so privacy is always protected.

We collect this data to help us understand how well our website runs and to identify any issues that may need improving upon, and it also gives us an idea of the kind of traffic that our site is generating.

Occasionally, we may share the demographic and statistical data with marketing partners, but this data is generic and pertains to our site visitors as a whole, as opposed to specific information relating to individual users.

The Information Received by the Ad Networks Operating on our Website

There are various ad networks that we grant permission to display their advertisements on our page.

We have to note that these networks are also permitted to collate your generic data as a means of understanding the kind of advertisements that would be best to display to you.

You are always able to opt-out of receiving personalized ads; however, you will not be able to opt-out of the generic advertisements that allows.

But, as is the case with our own policy, these networks are never allowed or able to obtain or make use of your private information.

Users’ Comments

All users of have been granted full permission to make comments on our site.

We have to make clear that the full responsibility and onus of the material and content included in these comments belongs solely to the individuals who make said comments – this also goes for any personal information that the commentator chooses to share in their comment.

We hereby disclaim any and all responsibility for the potential use of this content by any third parties.

We also reserve the right to amend or delete any comments on our sites for a number of reasons – this could be inappropriateness or non-factual, incorrect and misleading information.

Links to Other Websites has several links to numerous other sites, some of which may require you to provide various different kinds of data – this could include your address, contact details, name, and links to your social media sites.

We have absolutely no control over how any of these third parties will process and use the data that you choose to provide, and we hereby disclaim any responsibility for how they may be used.  

This document that we have compiled for you pertains solely to the data and information collated by our own website.

It is always best to ensure that you have read the privacy policies and terms of use documents on any linked websites, prior to providing any personal information.

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