How Much Does Electrician Training Cost?

The electrical career can be rewarding with attractive packages, plenty of job opportunities, and a good atmosphere for growth.

You can put yourself on the path to this amazing career by enrolling in an electrician course.

But before doing so, it is important that you find out how much the training costs.

By doing so, you can determine whether you will or will not be able to afford the course.

While the fees may vary slightly from one institution to another and one state to another, here is the general cost of electrician training nationwide.

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Type of Electrician Training Course

A certificate or associate’s degree in an electrical course costs between $1,000 & $11,000.

For instance, J.F. Drake State Technical College in Alabama offers two different certificate courses in electrical technology for $4,400 and $9,229.

Hawkeye College in Iowa offers an associate’s degree, which entails more extensive training, for $11,171(inclusive of fees and tuition).

Program or Institution

The four-year apprenticeship programs, which are offered by different bodies and learning institutions, cost between $250 & $1,420 per year.

For instance, Arkansas State University offers an apprenticeship program for $260 per year, which covers 2000 hours of actual work.

Colorado‚Äôs Construction Industry Training Council, on the other hand, provides an apprenticeship program from $710 per semester.

What an Apprenticeship Electrician Program Should Include

The Bureau of Labor Statistics requires bodies and institutions offering an electrician apprenticeship program to include, at least, 144 hours of classroom instruction and 2,000 hours of job training.

Classes must cover safety, first aid, electrical theory, electrical codes, mathematics, and blueprint reading.

Job training must include drawing diagrams for electrical systems, performing electrical wiring, installing conduits, as well as working with switches and outlets.


The electrician license costs between $15 & $150 yearly, with an exam fee of $30-$75.

In Arkansas, for example, the licensing exam fee ranges from $56 to $86, not to mention that the initial license fees are between $25 & $50.

The exam fees for North Carolina electricians is $75 and license fees range between $60 to $150, contingent upon several restrictions.

Additional Costs

Other costs you will incur to complete an electrician course include textbooks, tools & supplies, as well as room & board for training programs, which may amount between $1188 and $25752.

For instance, Mohave Community College in Arizona, estimates books and tools, supplies as well as a board at $1188 and $24564, respectively.


Some bodies and institutions offer scholarships for electrical training programs.

The Electrical Association of Philadelphia, for instance, offers a $3,000 scholarship whereas Lowe’s awards almost 200 scholarships ranging from $2,500-$5,000 per year.

Shopping for Electrical Training?

Check the National Electrical Contractors Association’s local chapters for information on apprenticeships and training opportunities for those who aspire to become successful electricians.