Union-Sponsored Apprenticeship Programs through IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees

There are two great things about becoming an electrician apprentice.

  • First, the standardized training you’ll receive during the apprenticeship
  • Second, you’ll receive a salary while learning the trade

Most newbies will apply for apprenticeships through union-sponsored programs due to the rights and benefits attached to them over non-union ones.

Union-sponsored apprenticeship programs are coordinated through Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees, or JATCs.

One prominent entity that sponsors JATCs is the Electrical Training ALLIANCE, a partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

ALLIANCE and other union and non-union sponsors aim to help produce a skilled workforce capable of meeting the needs of today’s marketplace.

So on this page, you’ll learn…

  • What an IBEW-NECA JATC apprenticeship training program is about
  • How to qualify for the program
  • What you’ll learn during the program
  • Where you can apply for an apprenticeship in your state
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About the IBEW-NECA JATC Apprenticeship Training Program

There are different requirements for electrician training as it will adhere to the local laws and licensing regulations.

As such, the local chapters of JATCs develop their programs to meet these requirements.

Depending on the licensing requirements for a journeyman in your locality, the programs can last for four to six years.

Typically, they include…

  • 576 to 1,000 hours of classroom training
  • 8,000 to 10,000 hours of on-the-job training and experience

Usually, class hours will be scheduled on certain days throughout your apprenticeship.

Also, some jurisdictions will require that you complete prerequisite coursework in electrical theory and safety prior to admission to the program.

Qualifications to Get into an IBEW-NECA JATC Apprenticeship Training Program

There are different apprenticeship programs that cater to a specific area of electrical work.

But all of them have the same basic requirements for incoming apprentices.

Generally, you should meet the following qualifications to get into the JATC program:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Obtained a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license or other state-issued ID
  • Completed at least one year of high school algebra class
  • Pass the admission exam
  • Pass the drug test
  • Physically fit to work in a demanding environment

Note: Some programs will accept 16-year-olds if the applicant’s high school offers a JATC program.

What You’ll Learn in a IBEW-NECA JATC Apprenticeship Training Program

Moving on from classroom training to on-the-job training is exciting, from learning the basics to the complex tasks.

Here are some of the skills you’ll learn during the program:

  • Working with systems that involve different voltages
  • Reading and understanding blueprints and schematics
  • Learning how to inspect a completed electrical system
  • Using voltmeters, ammeters, harmonics testers, and ohmmeters
  • Installing residential, commercial, and industrial wiring systems.
  • Repairing and installing electrical machinery
  • Replacing new circuit breaker boxes
  • Installing fuses and circuit breakers

Also, you will work in a variety of settings during your on-the-job training.

These will have a significant influence later on, allowing you to acquire skills to work with the following sectors:

  • City utility companies
  • Military contractors
  • Arenas and coliseums
  • Aviation companies
  • Government offices
  • Manufacturing factories
  • Hospitals, schools, and prisons
  • Construction companies
  • Power plants, including solar
  • Internet and telephone companies

At the end of the program, you’ll have the essential knowledge and skills to become a journeyman.

State-by-State IBEW-NECA JATC Apprenticeship Training Programs

Below, you will find all the JATC Electrical Training Alliance locations in the U.S. as of October 2022.


  • Birmingham Electrical JATC
  • Mobile Electricians JATC
  • Montgomery Electrical JATC
  • North Alabama Electrical JATC


  • Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Trust (AJEATT)


  • Globe-Miami Electrical JATC
  • Phoenix Electrical JATC
  • Tucson Electrical JATC
  • Unisource Energy Services


  • El Dorado Electrical JATC
  • Fort Smith Electrical JATC
  • Jonesboro Electrical JATC
  • Little Rock Electrical JATC


  • Kern County Electrical JATC
  • Tri County Electrical JATC
  • Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare Counties JATC
  • Los Angeles County Electrical Training Institute
  • Central Valley Electrical JATC
  • Motion Picture Employers and IBEW No. 40
  • Alameda County Electrical JATC
  • Contra Costa County Electrical JATC
  • Shasta-Butte Electrical JATC
  • Riverside Area Electrical JATC
  • San Bernardino, Mono and Inyo Counties Electrical
  • Sacramento Area JATC
  • San Diego Electrical Training Trust
  • San Francisco Joint Electrical Training Trust
  • Santa Clara JATC
  • San Luis Obispo County Electrical JATC
  • San Mateo County JATC
  • Orange County Electrical Training Trust
  • Santa Barbara County JATC
  • Redwood Empire JATC
  • San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties JATC
  • Solano/Napa Counties Electrical JATC
  • Ventura County Electrical JATC
  • Northern California Sound and Communication JATC
  • California-Nevada Electrical AJATC


  • Colorado Springs Electrical JATC
  • Denver Area Electrical JATC
  • Pueblo Electrical JATC
  • Western Colorado Electrical JATC


  • Hartford Electricians JATC
  • NECA and Local 90 JATC


  • Delaware Electrical Apprenticeship

District of Columbia

  • No IBEW-NECA JATC is available in DC, so you should search in the neighboring states.


  • Daytona Beach Electrical JATC
  • Florida East Coast Electrical JATC
  • Gainesville Electrical JATC
  • Jacksonville Electrical JATC
  • Miami Electrical JATC
  • Central Florida Electrical JATC
  • Gulf Coast Electrical JATC
  • Tampa Area Electrical JATC


  • Albany Electrical JATC
  • Atlanta Electrical JATC
  • CSRA Electrical JATC
  • Macon Electrical JATC
  • Savannah Electrical Training Alliance


  • Hawaii Electricians JATC


  • Southwestern Idaho Electrical JATC
  • Eastern Idaho Electrical JATC


  • Electrician Joint Apprenticeship IBEW 649
  • NECA-IBEW Local Union 461 JATC
  • Bloomington/Normal JATC
  • Champaign-Urbana JATC
  • Chicago EJATT
  • Southwestern Illinois JATC
  • Danville NECA-IBEW Electrical JATC
  • Midstate Electrical Training Center
  • IBEW LU117 NECA JATC McHenry and N. Kane Counties
  • DuPage County Electrical JATC
  • IBEW JATC Local 176
  • Peoria Electrical JATC
  • Northern Illinois Electrical
  • Quad City Electrical JATC
  • NECA/IBEW Local 193 JATC
  • Lake County JATC
  • Southern Illinois Div. Ch. NECA-IBEW LU 702 JATC


  • Evansville Electrical JATC
  • Fort Wayne Electrical JATC
  • Lake County Electricians JATC
  • Indianapolis Electrical JATC
  • Marion Kokomo JATC
  • Lafayette Electrical JATC
  • Electrical JATC of Northern Indiana
  • Muncie Electrical JATC
  • South Bend Vicinity Electrical JATC
  • Terre Haute Electrical JATC


  • Southeast Iowa Electrical JATC
  • Cedar Rapids Electrical JATC
  • Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Trust
  • Dubuque Electrical JATC
  • Sioux City Electrical JATC
  • Waterloo Electrical JATC
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors JATC


  • Hutchinson Electrical JATC
  • Topeka Electrical JATC
  • Wichita Electrical JATC


  • Louisville Electrical JATC
  • Owensboro Electrical JATC Trust
  • Paducah JATC


  • Alexandria Electrical JATC
  • Baton Rouge Area Electrical JATC
  • Bogalusa Electrical JATC
  • Lake Charles Electrical JATC
  • Monroe Electrical JATC
  • New Orleans Electrical JATC
  • Shreveport Area Electrical JATC


  • Augusta Electrical JATC
  • Portland JATC


  • L.U. 26, JATC
  • Baltimore Electrical JATC
  • Western Maryland JATC
  • electrical training ALLIANCE


  • Boston Electrical JATC
  • Brockton Electricians JATC
  • Springfield JATC
  • Worcester Electricians JATC


  • Ann Arbor Electrical JATC
  • Battle Creek Electrical JATC
  • Bay City JATC
  • Detroit JATC
  • Escanaba JATC
  • Flint Electrical JATC
  • IBEW Local 219/Iron Mountain Electrical JATC
  • Kalamazoo Electrical JATC
  • Lansing Electrical JATC
  • Marquette JATC
  • West Michigan Electrical JATC
  • Saginaw Electrical JATC
  • Traverse City Electrical JATC


  • Duluth JATC
  • Iron Range Electrical JATC
  • South Central Minnesota JATC
  • Minneapolis Electrical JATC
  • Minnesota State Wide Limited Energy JATC in Fridley.
  • St. Paul Electrical JATC


  • Corinth-Tupelo Miss. JATC
  • Local Union 903 IBEW/JATC
  • Jackson JATC
  • Meridian Area Electricians JATC


  • Local 350 JATC
  • Jefferson City Electrical JATC
  • Joplin JATC
  • Kansas City JATC
  • Springfield MO and Vicinity Electrical JATC
  • Saint Joseph Electrical JATC
  • Saint Louis JATC


  • Montana Electrical JATC
  • LU 233, IBEW
  • LU 768 IBEW


  • Greater Nebraska Electrical JATC
  • Lincoln Electrical JATC
  • Omaha Joint Electrical Apprenticeship


  • Electrical JATC for Southern Nevada
  • Northern Nevada Electrical JATC

New Hampshire

  • IBEW LU 490 JATC

New Jersey

  • Asbury Park Area Electrical JATC
  • IBEW Local 351 JATC
  • Jersey City Electrical JATC
  • IBEW LU 456 JATC
  • Paterson Electrical JATC
  • IBEW Local Union 269 JATC

New Mexico

  • NM JATC for the Electrical Industry
  • Southwestern Line AJATC

New York

  • Local 325 JATC
  • Local Union 41 IBEW
  • IBEW Local 139 JATC
  • Local 840 JATC
  • Ithaca NY JATC
  • IBEW Local 106 JATC
  • Nassau and Suffolk Counties JATC
  • IBEW LU 363 and Hudson Valley NECA JATC
  • JAC Joint Industry Board of Electric Industries
  • Local 3 Lighting and Maintenance Association
  • Niagara County JATC
  • Rochester Joint Apprentice and Training Co.
  • Central New York JATC
  • Tri-City JATC LU 236
  • EJATC of Watertown
  • Westchester Fairfield JEATC

North Carolina

  • LU 238 IBEW-NC2000
  • Charlotte Electrical JATC
  • Raleigh Durham Electrical JATC
  • Carolinas Electrical JATC
  • Carolinas Electrical JATC-342

North Dakota

  • Dakotas and Western MN Areawide JATC
  • Dakotas Electrical JATC


  • Akron Area Electrical JATC
  • Canton Electrical JATC
  • Cincinnati Ohio Area
  • Cleveland Electrical JATC
  • The Electrical Trades Center
  • Dayton Ohio Area Electrical JATC
  • Butler Warren County Electrical JATC
  • Lima Area Electrical JATC
  • Lorain County Electrical JATC
  • Mansfield Area JATC for Electricians
  • Marietta Electrical JATC
  • Newark Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
  • Lake, Ashtabula and Geauga Electrical JATC
  • Electrical Training Academy
  • Steubenville JATC
  • Toledo Electrical JATC
  • Warren JATC
  • Youngstown Electrical JATC
  • American Line Builders


  • Western Oklahoma Electrical JATC
  • Ponca City Electrical JATC Trust
  • Tulsa Electricians JATC


  • Pacific Inside Electrical JATC
  • Crater Lake Electrical JATC
  • Central Electrical JATC
  • NECA-IBEW Electrical JATC


  • IBEW Local Union 375, JATC
  • Western Central PA Electricians JATC
  • Chester JATC
  • IBEW Local 56 EETF
  • Harrisburg Electricians
  • ATEI 98 Zone 2
  • Apprentice Training for the Electrical Industry
  • Pittsburgh JATC
  • LU #743 IBEW and NECA Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter
  • LU 607 IBEW Shamokin JATC
  • Scranton Electricians JATC
  • Wilkes-Barre Electrical JATC
  • Williamsport JATC
  • York Electrical JATC
  • NorthEastern AJATC

Rhode Island

  • IBEW Local 99 JATC

South Carolina

  • Charleston Area Electrical JATC

South Dakota

  • Dakotas Electrical JATC


  • Chattanooga Electrical JATC
  • Tri-Cities Area JATC
  • Electrician Training Academy Knoxville (ETAK)
  • LU 1925 IBEW
  • Memphis Electrical JATC
  • Nashville Electrical JATC
  • Oak Ridge Electrical JATC


  • Austin Electrical JATC
  • West Texas Electrical JATC
  • Beaumont Electrical JATC
  • Texas Gulf Coast Electrical JATC
  • North Texas Electrical JATC
  • El Paso Electricians JATC
  • Galveston Electrical JATC
  • Houston Electrical JATC
  • East Texas Electrical JATC
  • LU 898 IBEW
  • South Texas Electrical JATC
  • Texarkana Electrical JATC
  • Waco Electricians Area Wide JATC
  • Rio Grand Valley-Laredo JATC
  • Wichita Falls JATC


  • Utah Electrical JATC
  • Mountain States Line Constructors JATC


  • Vermont Electrical JATC


  • Hampton Roads JATC
  • Richmond Electricians JATC
  • Tidewater Electrical


  • NW Line JATC
  • NW Washington Electrical Industry JATC
  • LU112-NECA Electrical JATC
  • Puget Sound Electrical JATC
  • Inland Empire Electrical Training Trust
  • SW Washington Electrical JATC
  • Seattle City Light

West Virginia

  • Charleston Area Electrical JATC
  • Clarksburg Electrical JATC
  • Huntington Electrical JATC.
  • Parkersburg JATC
  • Wheeling Electrical JATC


  • Appleton/Osh Kosh Area Electrical JATC
  • Eau Claire Area Electrical JATC
  • Northeast WI Area Electrical JATC
  • Southcentral WI Area Electrical JATC
  • Kenosha Area Electrical JATC
  • Madison Area Electrical JATC
  • Milwaukee Electrical Joint Apprenticeship
  • Racine Area Electrical JATC
  • WI River Valley Area Electrical JATC


  • Wyoming Electrical JATC
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